Bespoke 1-1 training sessions £40:

1 hour, 1-1 training sessions provide an opportunity for you to bond with your dog and to build on your trust as well as your relationship. And most importantly, to have fun! During these sessions we can work on problems you may be having, learn new games and teach tricks. For these sessions I am able to come to your home, meet you at a suitable location or you may choose to come to me. There is a charge for any distance travelled over 10 miles.

Puppy pack £60:

This is for those who have recently bought a new puppy into their homes. As well as helping to train your new addition, we will cover various aspects of puppy ownership such as; positive reinforcement, exercise and mental stimulation, preparing for vet visits, toilet training, chewing/biting, socialisation and more. These sessions will last approximately 2 hours. There is a charge for any distance travelled over 10 miles.

Behavioural pack £165

For behavioural help, I initially start by asking you to inform me of your situation. This can be done via email or a free of charge phone call to see if I am the right person for you. This is important as I will not take on a case that I do not believe I am suitable for. If successful, this is followed by a detailed questionnaire. The purpose of this is to help me gain a deeper understanding of your situation. We will then meet for a 1-1, 1 hour session. In most cases, I will travel to your home for the session. Seeing your home environment helps me help you. After this session you will receive a follow up report. This report contains the key points we discussed, training advice for you to implement, links to useful products and more. Included in the behavioural pack is an additional session which can be used within 6 months of the first session. If you would like additional sessions after this, you will receive a £5 discount on your first bespoke training sessions.

Online sessions £35:

These are held using Zoom and last 1 hour. For these sessions I request you complete a questionnaire prior to our meeting. This helps me plan the session and ensures you get the most out of it.

Risk assessments and insurance:

I regularly update my risk assessments and have taken Covid-19 into consideration with these. My own dogs are vaccinated and are treated for fleas and worms on a monthly basis, protecting the health of clients and their dogs. I am insured and request clients read and sign a contract before beginning any session.