My Ethos

It is my belief that we can communicate with our dogs successfully without the use of force; physical or verbal. Dogs will respond better to training if they trust us and when there is reward involved.

It has been a popular belief that as humans, we must be dominant over our dogs and be the alpha of the pack. However, dogs understand that we are not dogs. Trying to behave like them only causes confusion, can lead to fear and a breakdown of trust.

Positive reinforcement includes using rewards such a treats, toys and praise. I take a holistic approach and assess all aspects that influence our dogs behaviour.

Dogs look to us to meet their physical, mental and emotional needs. They rely on us to help them understand how to behave and cope with their environment. It is important we do this through clear communication, boundaries and positive reinforcement. This makes training more enjoyable for both you and your dog and helps build trust and a bond that will last a lifetime.