About Me

I am Phoebe Withers, a qualified behaviourist. I gained my qualification with the International School of Canine Psychology and am currently studying to become a dog trainer. Being qualified is important to me as it allows me to become a member of organisations who’s methods are free from force and punishment. In addition it provides peace of mind for clients that I must withhold a certain standard and continue to expand my knowledge through continued professional development.

I cover East Devon, Taunton and surrounding areas.

I am also a trainee counsellor and I have a BSc Hons in Animal Science. I have previously worked in an animal sanctuary and I now work at a veterinary practice.

Myself and my rescue dog, Freddie.

What People Say

“Phoebe came up to us when Finn was just a couple of months old, and she has changed the way we manage his behaviour ever since! She knows so much about how a dogs mind works and has such a love for dogs. She taught us some very valuable tricks and tips to manage dog behaviour. Finn is now 5 months old and an absolute delight – thank you Phoebe in helping us to achieve such a great relationship with Finn!”

Emily Charlotte